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Feel Safer and Confident with Your Fashionable Soft Protective Helmet

Fashionable soft protection helmets for …

People with special needs

Active people

Kids, young adults, seniors

Do you often get concerned about your safety and that of your kids?

You are doing the right thing. However, it asks for the right measures to keep you and your children safe while they are playing games or being active. Whether it’s your health condition like epilepsy, seizures, autism, you (and your kids) are often exposed to head injuries because you are being active, RibCap has the solution for all your safety problems.

Excellent soft protection helmet for:

  • Reducing impact during Autism Head Banging
  • General Autism & Epilepsy Helmet
  • General Seizure Helmet
  • Hemophilia and other bleeding disorders
  • Cerebral Palsy & reduced mobility disorders
  • Oncology
  • Soft Helmet for special needs and other disabilities
  • Everyday head protection
  • Soft protection for active kids and adults
  • Prevention of bumps and bruises
  • Use as a soft helmet for non-high-risk activities
  • Recreational iceskating, curling, …
  • Use as a safety soft protection for hiking and other outdoor activities
  • Head injury recovery
  • Reduced stability and mobility
  • Staying active and feel secure
  • Use as a fall injury management device
  • Use as your everyday head protection
  • Seniors with special needs and other neurologic disorders 
Ribcap | Autism, Epilepsy, Head Injury, General Seizure | Lifestyle soft protective helmet
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Head injuries per year

In the USA there are 64.000.000 established (hospital) head injuries reported each year.

Hospitalizations each second

This means that every second there are 2 hospitalizations worldwide.

Mild injuries

About 95% of the 64.000.000 established (hospital) head injuries are mild but still bring quite some discomfort.

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