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Facts & figures

Did you know?

In the USA there are 64.000.000 established (hospital) head injuries reported each year.

Hospitalizations each second

This means that every second there are 2 hospitalizations worldwide.

Mild injuries

About 95% of the 64.000.000 established (hospital) head injuries are mild but still bring quite some discomfort.

Traumatic Brain Injuries - Did you know?

64 Million People Suffer a Head Injury Every Year According to statistics, traumatic brain injuries occur mostly because of a head injury which usually occurs due to falling. As RibCap has sock-absorbent foam, it protects your head against injuries of all kinds.

Causes head injuries


Falling down


Accidents (random)


Accidents with vehicles



TBI by External Cause

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) Among Children & Adults have Lifelong Consequences. Since RibCap reduces the chances of a head injury significantly, a safety helmet for your kids and you can save you from brain disorder for lifetime.

Amount of random accidents by age

5K / 0 - 4 y

8K / 5 - 14 y

18K / 15 - 24 y

30K / 25 - 44 y

35K / 45 - 64 y

55K / +65 y

TBI by Age

Study Shows That Half a Million Children Between 0 and 14 Years of Age Go to Emergency for TBI. Kids between 0 and 4 years, children between 15 and 19 years, and adults above 65 years are more vulnerable to sustaining traumatic brain disorder. Such age groups should consider using RibCaps stylish safety caps for everyday use.

Amount injuries caused by falling down by age

6K / 0 - 4 y

3K / 5 - 14 y

3K / 15 - 24 y

8K / 25 - 44 y

15K / 45 - 64 y

35K / +65 y


RibCap Was Implemented in a Pilot Area for Medical Use In 2015, RibCap was implemented in UAMS Medical Center, Little Arkansas, US. Patients with low platelet counts, unsteady gait, anticoagulant therapy, weakness, and chemotherapy were recommended RibCap because of its reliability to save them from head injuries. Two head injuries occur every second, but it is totally controllable with RibCap Imagine a world without head injuries. It can save 64 million people from suffering head injuries, most of which result into severe consequences. By bringing RibCap’s safety helmets into practice, you can think about other tasks without having to worry about your head safety. But if you do not have a safety cap yet, be extra careful or buy one for yourself now.

Peak acceleration

Drop height 43 cm

28 Max. Acceleration / Non protected head

9.5Max. Acceleration / Ribcap

Drop height 62 cm

40Max. Acceleration /Non protected head

15Max. Acceleration / Ribcap

Drop height 103 cm

41Max. Acceleration / Non protected head

24Max. Acceleration / Ribcap